A boy with glasses stands in the warehouse, next to a cart of donations, including a doll.

Gavrilo made an impactful decision when he and his class did the “Nobody Project”. The Nobody Project is designed to get students to think about others and how they could do good deeds to help. The idea is that no one should feel like a nobody, and everyone deserves to feel like a somebody.

When Gavrilo needed a project, he and his mom thought about collecting hygiene items for the Men’s Shelter. They connected with Mission Services’ Community Development Coordinator who suggested collecting snacks for youth, since it would be more meaningful to him. “Right away he said that was something he wanted. Those kids are in the same age group as he is,” said Dragana, Gavrilo’s mother.

“One of the reasons why I also chose to do this was because I realized how many kids just throw away their lunch or give it away because they didn’t want it. Since I had the snack drive in my school, before someone would give [their lunch] out, I asked if they would donate it to the bin I had for the donations,” Gavrilo explained. “Just from the loose items like that, we ended up with two shopping bags full of items” Dragana continued.

Inspired by the experience, the deep gratitude our staff had for his thoughtfulness, and the continued need of the youth using our programs, Gavrilo and his mom would like to continue doing food drives. “We’re going to try this summer when he plays soccer. During home games parents bring snacks and refreshments. We’re going to talk about this program and see if we can collect there. We want to see if we can have people involved, and spread the word and awareness regardless if it is a school project or not,” Dragana said happily.

Thank you, Gavrilo, for caring for youth in need, and for being an example of how to care for our neighbours!

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