Stephen Dunn wearing a Santa hat, pushing a cart with donations

For the past five years, Desjardins has been supporting local charities through the Better Things Moments program. Desjardins gives each of their agents a monthly grant that they can invest into their community. For his community partner, local agent Stephen Dunn chose to support Mission Services of Hamilton. We asked him about his experience partnering with Mission Services:

MSH: How long have you been donating to Mission Services?

SD: “We have been donating for about 4 years.”

MSH: What inspired you to begin donating to Mission Services?

SD: “As one of the major charities in Hamilton, I was attracted to assisting Mission Services for the many programs it provides to those in need in our local community – especially the shelters and Good Food Centre.”

MSH: Why do you continue to donate to Mission Services?

SD: “Quite simply, Mission Services provides safety and food for our most vulnerable.”

MSH: What would you want to tell other people about Mission Services?

SD: “My experience has been truly heartwarming – each are angels sent from heaven!”

Throughout the Christmas season, Stephen’s donations will assist Mission Services in providing care to our neighbours in need.

If your business is interested in partnering with Mission Services of Hamilton or you know of a business that would like more information, please contact Glen at
905-528-4211 x 3114 or

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