A man with light hair smiles to the camera. He is standing in a hallway with posters describing addiction treatment programs.

How you allowed Kurtis to find the best personalized supports for his recovery journey.

Kurtis was depressed, struggling, and depending on alcohol to cope with life’s struggles. After two suicide attempts, he knew he needed help, and reached out to find support. Thanks to you he found the personalized care he really needed to help him with his recovery.

“I came here after I was in the hospital for six weeks,” Kurtis recalled. By then, he had struggled with alcoholism for five years. After admitting himself to the hospital, he was diagnosed with multiple mental health concerns. Along with medication, additional therapy was recommended to Kurtis. That’s when he found Mission Services’ Suntrac program.

For many who are struggling with addiction and mental health, it can be difficult to find programs that provide wrap-around supports to address all their concerns. Your gifts provide holistic support to those who need it at Mission Services.

When he heard about Suntrac, Kurtis learned that it was an addictions recovery program with some mental health aspects. “I had never been to any programs prior, so I didn’t know what to expect. I went through the pre-treatment and decided it was a good fit.”

Though he had received help with his alcoholism and medications for his mental health concerns at the hospital, he recognized that dealing with his addiction was only part of his recovery. “It was more getting my head wrapped around what my different mental health issues were, what they entailed, how they would affect me, and what different prescriptions would do,” Kurtis explained. “I found the mental health aspects of [Suntrac] the most beneficial personally.”

Thanks to you, Kurtis not only received support for his immediate needs, but also learned how to deal with some of the ongoing struggles during recovery. “I’ve learned a lot about coping under stressful situations. The only way I dealt with stressful situations in the past was by drinking so I had to re-learn how to deal with things like that and that was a bit of a struggle for me. I still have anxiety attacks and panic attacks but they’re getting less frequent. I learned some good coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques to deal with that and that’s probably been the most helpful. It’s been quite invaluable to have.”

Now that Kurtis is achieving his recovery goals, and continues to receive the help he needs to succeed, he wants to help others in their journeys. “I have degrees in a few different areas, but I would like one in Social Work. There’s a program that allows for volunteer opportunities through peer support groups.”

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