Close up of a Christmas dinner with stuffing and cranberry sauce being served by a person wearing a Mission Services green apron.

Christmas can be a difficult time for some of our community members, especially for those staying at our shelters. Your generosity gives them opportunities to experience some of the comfort and joy of the season.

“I find that as the Chaplain I provide more support in the month of December than any other month,” Victor, Mission Services’ Chaplain observes. “A lot of the men at the shelter are missing their families, and are ostracized. I spend far more time chatting with them and encouraging them through this time.”

Victor and the Men’s Shelter staff bring cheer and happiness to the men staying at the shelter by bringing in Christmas activities and traditions to help the men build community and connect to compassionate care.

Staff invite the men to help them decorate the shelter to make it look more festive. On Christmas Eve, a candlelight service is held during dinner, and small gifts are brought for the men.

Since 2013, on Christmas Day, a wonderful volunteer group, ‘Your Little Bit of Help’, brings in large gift bags full of items for each person; the bags contain practical items such as toiletries, as well as fun items and treats. After the celebrations, the men sit together and enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner, that your generous gifts provided.

Even though this time can be more difficult for the men at our shelter, Victor sees that they have more hope for the future. “There’s always hope. I love that our mission is Act Justly, Show Mercy, Offer Hope; that’s what we try to do as best we can as we unfold this work that we do to help others,” Victor said joyfully.

Your support gives men at the shelter the help they need, and opportunities to feel the spirit of the Christmas season. Thank you!

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