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Saved By Grace

– From our Spring Newsletter, 2014 –

When Greg had an injury at work, he never imagined he would become homeless as a result.

“When I came here, I only had the clothes on my back,” he recalls, still visibly shook up by the experience.

Greg smiling

Greg is a Toronto-born construction worker who came to Hamilton searching for more affordable housing. He was living in an apartment while saving up for a down payment when he suffered a major injury at his work site.

He had no family who could help him out, and was having a tough time receiving his EI payments. In just a few short months, his savings ran dry and he lost his apartment.

“It just shows how quickly these things can happen, and your life can spiral out of control,” Greg reflects.

Greg in Shelter

Searching for a place to spend the night, Greg came to Mission Services’ Emergency Shelter. Even though it’s not his own apartment, he is incredible thankful for the bed, safe accommodations, meals, and staff who are helping him to receive his EI payments regularly and find a place of his own.

“I’m so happy this place exists,” Greg explains. “If it didn’t, I’d probably be under a bridge somewhere.”

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