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Your Giving Brings Healthy Food to Youth

When you give to Mission Services you not only fight hunger. You also teach youth how to grow and prepare healthy food from scratch.

Your donations along with gifts from the Charity of Hope, City Mission, Ontario Trillium Foundation and the City of Hamilton’s City Enrichment Fund connect youth to healthy food and give them the skills to learn how to make nutritious, great-tasting food from scratch.

Shockingly, children are one of the biggest groups of people in Ontario who don’t have access to the food they need as a result of poverty. Many live in low-income families with one parent who struggles to provide enough food – especially healthy food – throughout the month.

Your gifts to Mission Services of Hamilton help parents by creating access to healthy food programs throughout the school year as well as during the summer. This summer, your gifts along with support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the City of Enrichment Fund with the City of Hamilton allowed us to double-down on our commitment to fight food insecurity in our neighbourhood by running two food programs for youth.

First, we teamed up with the Eva Rothwell Resource Centre to provide healthy lunches to youth in the “Learning and Discovery Summer Day Camp.” Each weekday, over 60 young people came to Mission Services to enjoy a balanced and delicious lunch to give them energy for their busy summer days.

“The 196” summer camp also connected youth to healthy food this summer through your gifts. Youth received healthy lunches and learned how to grow and prepare food from scratch using fun, hands-on activities. They care for a spot in the GALA community garden, baked apply pies from scratch, and developed new skills and friendships along the way.

Thank you for making this a summer of fun and food security for more youth.