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A Survivor’s Hope

– From our Summer Newsletter, 2014 –

He knew exactly what he was doing. Just as I unlocked the door, he grabbed me and started stabbing through my jacket.”

Danielle survived a brutal assault that claimed the life of her fiancé. But with your help, she is now on the road to recovery.

While staying at Mission Services, she has learned that her story is not just one of pain. It’s also a story about hope and survival—her survival.

Danielle was walking home late one night from work. The police later told her that her assailant had probably seen her earlier and followed her home.

Danielle’s fiancé, Eric, came out of their apartment and tried to help. But the attacker turned on him. When he left the couple at the bottom of the stairs, he probably thought they were both dead.
Eric never woke up. But miraculously, Danielle did.

“I was stabbed 12 times and bled out. My heart stopped several times. They say I’m a walking miracle,” Danielle says, wiping away tears. “Now, my doctor tells my story to people who feel hopeless,” she adds, smiling through her tears.

Several days later Danielle woke up from her coma. “The day after, they released me from the hospital. But I had nowhere to go—definitely nowhere I felt safe.”

She explained her situation to the nurses and asked them what she should do. They recommended she go to Inasmuch House, Mission Services’ shelter for women who have been abused.

“At that moment, I was a Jane Doe,” Danielle says. “But now I’m a survivor. I am so grateful for this place.”

Danielle's picture

At Inasmuch House Danielle found herself surrounded by caring, empathetic, strong women. It was exactly what she needed.

“Basically, the shelter saved my life. My world was so dark that I probably would have committed suicide. I was planning to spend the next 50 years of my life with him. Now, I had no one. I had nothing to live for.”

Danielle not only lost her fiancé, but her best friend. “He used to tell me he could see his children in my arms.”

“The women here helped me to see that my life wasn’t over. It was just going to be different. They were very patient with me. They prayed with me when I needed to, and I came to understand that if there was any meaning in all of this chaos, it was that he died so I could live.”

In the future Danielle now wants to help other women who have been abused.

“I want to give back. I want to help prevent crimes against women—especially against women who are intimidated into not reporting them.”

“My life right now is a gift—from my fiance and the women here. Being around strong women inspires someone to be strong. And there are lots of strong women here.

“That’s what I want to give someone when they need it.”

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