Pandemic Planning

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March 13, 2020: We understand and share in your concern around the risks associated with COVID-19. Please know that we are working to keep our community safe as we continue to provide services for those in need.

As part of our Pandemic Plan, we:

  • Ask everyone to self-monitor for symptoms.
  • Have activated our Emergency Response Team and our Pandemic Plan.
  • Advise everyone to follow travel advisories.
  • Ask those who are not feeling well to stay at home.
  • Have enhanced communication on handwashing, contact with others and respiratory health protocols.
  • We have increased our cleaning protocols, especially in high touchpoint and traffic areas like elevators and doorknobs.

We are working closely with Public Health, the City of Hamilton and other community partners. Mission Services is part of a coordinated community response that includes public health and the City of Hamilton as well as various community partners. This allows for shared information and best practices as more information is available.

Our current organizational Pandemic Level is set at LOW.