FOOD, as I have said before, is thought to be the great connector. At Mission Services, one of the phrases we use is “more than a meal”; when people come to our programs they often first receive food, then get connected to staff, vital supports, and other services.

That “more” has changed since the onset of the pandemic. Sometimes changing daily as we work through closures, restrictions, and safe distancing measures. Many of our neighbours are unable to access other vital programs in Hamilton, so we want to be sure we’re providing as much support as we can.

The pandemic has caused disparities to deepen, and has brought to light the many crises that are affecting thousands of Hamiltonians. We are here, supporting those experiencing new or ongoing addiction, food insecurity, homelessness, poverty, and more, but we can’t do it without you.

We know you see the need, and are so thankful for the swell of support we have received during this pandemic through food and gift drop-offs, monetary donations, and encouragement.
Your amazing support has helped us transition to the world we currently live in, but we still expect to see more and more people accessing our programs as the effects of COVID-19 continue to devastate our neighbours.

In order to continue helping our community, we need people to come together while we’re all apart. We want to reduce the disparities we see in our city and in order to do that, we need you.

You can help those who have been hit the hardest by the effects of COVID-19 by giving today.

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