Mission Services’ Full Circle of Care

Relationships are at the core of serving our community.

When a client comes to one of Mission Services’ programs, they are often at their most vulnerable. While they may need a warm meal, shelter for the night, or grocery support, what they also need is for their voice to be heard.

Because of your support, we are able to help those in our community who need it most. The relationship we establish with clients gives them a listening ear and someone who they can trust to have their best interests at heart.

For many women, that relationship starts at the Willow’s Place Drop-In Centre. There, they are introduced to a caring staff who will work with them to understand their needs and see how they can address them.

“We’re the first point of access for a lot of women into the system,” said Sheryl, Director of Community Services. “Someone can come into the drop-in and start to feel comfortable, before starting to touch the waters of ‘Maybe I can go into the shelter, maybe I can do this.’”

“Then, because we’ve built that relationship, if they come into the shelter or when they leave the shelter into a housing unit, they still feel comfortable. That full circle effect is so important.”

People using the Good Food Centre are also greeted by a friendly smile and genuine care for their situation. GFC workers are ready to provide them with contact information for other services they may require, either provided by Mission Services or another agency.

“Emergency food is the most important thing we provide, but people require much more than the basics,” said Jim, Associate Director of
Food Services.

“They need social inclusion, a safe space to meet, security and understanding,” he said. “At the GFC, we are glad to provide these things as well as food.”

Our shelter support workers at our Men’s Shelter and Inasmuch House continue to be available for clients, even after their situation has improved.

Since 2020, our Housing Up! workers have helped to place 414 former men’s shelter clients into permanent housing, ensuring these men have the supports that they need to flourish into the future. If their situation changes for better or worse, they know that they have someone who they can turn to.

“People can call up our systems navigators, even after they haven’t worked with them in months, because of the rapport and the relationship that they already have,” said Lindsay, Manager of Community Services and Outreach. “They know they can touch base and say, ‘Hey, I’m struggling’, and they will get the help they need.”

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