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In January 2020, the City of Hamilton approved funding of $1.3 million per year for three years to Mission Services for an exciting new program called Housing UP. The goal of the program is not only to rapidly house individuals who are experiencing homelessness, but to help them maintain their housing.

The program will explore what housing is available to participants and accessible to them, factoring in any barriers they may be facing such as income level, or rental history. Then the maintenance component of Housing UP will help them develop strategies to be successful in getting into the accommodations they want, and remaining housed.

Staff will work with housed and homeless individuals across the city, not just those who access Mission Services. Case Managers will provide support for up to two years after the initial housing placement, rehousing individuals as needed, and connecting them to community resources to ensure they do not re-enter the
homelessness system.

Another goal of the program is to ensure that, with successful tenancies, once an individual vacates a unit, another individual facing homelessness will be able to take that housing placement.

Mission Services is honoured to have been selected to receive this significant funding to help end homelessness in our community.

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