Baskets of Food

In Canada food is a human right. For the majority of Canadians this right is exercised without issue, and the ability to afford basic groceries and hygiene items is taken for granted. But many people in our community cannot exercise this right and can’t afford basic needs – the minimum RIGHTS that we all deserve.

Proper nutrition is key to all aspects of health. Food-insecure adults have heightened risks for serious physical and mental health conditions, and children who experience food insecurity have permanent negative changes to their physical and mental health.

If food is a right, and enough healthy food is pivotal to wellbeing, why is it so out of reach for those who need it most? How are our vulnerable neighbours ever to truly heal and thrive without proper nutrition? Without the assurance of being able to afford and access healthy foods?

Addressing food insecurity goes beyond the ability to access healthy food. In order to become truly food secure, individuals need to have adequate income and housing, safe water, community, and more.

In this issue, you’ll read about our Food Services programs, and how your support is helping people experiencing food insecurity. Unfortunately, you’ll also see that they need your help more than ever.

At Mission Services, for 65 years our goal has been to end poverty and create safe places to heal, learn, and grow. You can create those spaces by giving generously to support our food-insecure neighbours today.

Carol Cowan-Morneau, Executive Director

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