196 Wentworth Street North Building

As I look out my window here at Mission Services, I see the trees changing colours, the children back in school, all signs of Fall. I also see many changes and challenges, both for us as an organization and our service users.

Our sectors – food services, housing, safe shelter spaces, and other services – are evolving rapidly. Where once someone would come to us for a food hamper or a bed, now they may request or require further support, perhaps with their finances or housing or addiction treatment.

The move of our men’s programming to a purpose-built space really opened our eyes to the changes in the sector. Considerations like washroom safety, physician and pharmacy services, and spaces for specialized needs were top of mind.

In all of our work, we are always evaluating our programming – we see a need and adapt to fill it.

In this issue of The Edge, we celebrate the expansion of The 196 to support youth in grade nine as they transition to high school. As the future generation, we want to give them all the opportunities they need to succeed.

We also need to advocate: the women’s sector is seeing too many deaths, too many women and children fleeing abuse. As a society, we need to ensure that there is shelter for these families, and services to help them reintegrate back into a life without violence.

With all this change, we are grateful for you! Through everything, your support means we are able to ensure these programs can adapt for the most vulnerable people in the city.

We exist because of the need, but we’re HERE because of you. Thank you!

Carol Cowan-Morneau
Executive Director

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