Changes to Addiction Services Programs

White surgical mask lying flat on a green background.

White surgical mask lying flat on a green background.

Last updated March 18, 2020.

Suntrac / ASH / ARHP

An update on how Suntrac and housing programs will be moving forward over the next couple of weeks in response to precautionary measures surrounding COVID-19.

1. All groups will be cancelled. This includes our core Suntrac program and Aftercare as well as our drop in groups (Partners and Taking Steps) with reassessment the beginning of April.

2. Clients in Suntrac will be asked to check in by phone on a daily basis and will have 1-1’s (by phone) with their worker.

3. Clients in our drop in groups will be encouraged to contact us if they are struggling or would like to talk to a staff person. A 1-1 will be scheduled by phone or face-to-face if the person is healthy.

4. We are currently discussing our work hours and these may be adjusted in the next couple of days.

5. ASH workers will not do any home visits with clients. They will connect by phone with clients on a regular basis.

6. ARHP workers will not be doing house visits. They will connect with clients by phone on a regular basis.

7. DTC groups will be run twice weekly with support via phone daily.

8. SURCH clients will have phone contact and a face-to-face meeting as requested, providing they are healthy. For the time being, Orientation for SURCH will be suspended.

Eleanor Harvey

Director of Addiction Services

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