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If you are a woman experiencing abuse please call our 24-hour crisis number anytime.


 Or toll-free: 1-833-654-4217

1 in 3 women will be assaulted or abused during their lifetime.1 Many of these attacks will be the result of domestic violence and violence targeted against women.

Quite often, abuse creates harmful cycles in families and youth.Children who witness abuse can suffer the same emotional trauma as a woman who has been abused, and boys whose mothers were abused are more likely to show aggression at a young age.

But there is help.

We give women who have experienced violence and abuse a safe place to stay while they rebuild their lives and return to the community. Our goal isn’t just to house women, but to help them regain the confidence and strength to live a healthy and independent life again.


Inasmuch House

Inasmuch House is a shelter for women fleeing domestic abuse or violence. It also accommodates women with children of any age — from infants to teenagers. In fact, some months there are more children than women staying at the shelter.

We give women and youth support when they need it most. We help mothers and their children see a future with clear skies even after the trauma of violence and abuse.

How we help women & children

Safe Shelter

Safe Shelter

Women and their children can leave an abusive setting and find safe, free accommodation with us. While here, women and children have access to meals, clothing, laundry, and other personal supports.
Early Intervention

Early Intervention

Our LEAF program helps youth who have witnessed abuse talk about their experience in a safe setting. Mothers also participate with their children to discuss safety plans, anger management, and how to recognize abuse.
Legal Advocacy

Legal Advocacy

Our Legal Advocate will help victims of abuse identify and connect with legal services in the community. We also offer women unfamiliar with the Canadian legal context cultural and language interpretation.
Transitional Support

Transitional Support

We’re also here for women when they’re ready to return to the community. We help women and their children establish safe lives after abuse with dignity and independence.

“I was a Jane Doe, now I’m a survivor. I am so grateful for this place. The women here helped me to see that my life wasn’t over. It was just going to be different.”

– guest at Inasmuch House

“I want you to know because of your help, my sister, brother and I were all able to go to good universities and get good jobs. I know some people will say oh we had it in us, but they do not know we needed help at one time, and we got it from many people, some of them were you. Thank you.”

– former child guest at Inasmuch House

Inasmuch Playground Renovation

Thank you to these generous funders for providing support to renovate the playground at Inasmuch House to make our play space more accessible for children and mothers: the ArcelorMittal Corporate Community Investment Fund, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario, and the Rotary Club of Hamilton AM.

Willow’s Place: A Hub for Women

Willow’s Place provides a safe, low-barrier, women-identified space. This Hub is unique and vital to our community, filling a housing gap for multiply-marginalized women experiencing homelessness, precarious housing and social isolation.

Women have access to laundry, shower facilities, a safe place to rest, meals and harm reduction supplies.  Beyond basic needs, Willow’s provides opportunities to build on ones strengths and creativity through art, games and other social activities.

Willow’s Place staff includes on-site housing support workers and client advocates.  Many community partners including health, housing, addiction and Aboriginal services use Willow’s Place as both a meeting space and a connection point for engagement.

Willow’s Place is a key partner within the homelessness serving sector and builds a community for those who have limited supports.

Willow’s Place hours:
Monday – Thursday from 9 am – 8:30 pm
(Emergency services only from 8:30 pm – 9 pm)
Friday – from 9 am – 4 pm

Willow’s Place was launched thanks to a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario, as well as donations from the community. Support now comes from individual donors across Greater Hamilton, the RBC Foundation, the City of Hamilton’s City Enrichment Fund, and The Meeting House – Compassion Fund.

Safe drop-in for women

Items we always need donated to Willow’s Place

Community & Education

Ending violence against women requires communities to come together to talk about change at the individual, community, and societal level.

That’s why staff at Inasmuch House and Willow’s Place are involved in education and awareness all across our community. We take part in campaigns to raise awareness about abuse and its effects on women, children, and society. We’re also happy to talk to your school, church, club or organization about issues related to violence against women.

Purple Scarves

November is Woman Abuse Awareness month! To show our support of non-violence against women, Inasmuch House joins other Violence Against Women shelters in Ontario to run the Wrapped in Courage Campaign. We sell beautiful purple scarfs to raise awareness and funds for local women’s shelters.

Every dollar raised goes to the shelter in your neighbourhood. Click here for info on the current campaign.


Contact us to find out where you can buy your own scarf for just $20. And remember to share your message of encouragement, hope, and support for abused women by tagging us @MissionHamilton on social media.

Do you need a safe place to stay?

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