Mission Services’ addiction programs empower men and women to live healthy and fulfilling lives while working toward recovery.


Addiction affects our friends, coworkers, family, loved ones and communities. Ending or managing an addiction can be the hardest things a person will do. When combined with unemployment, poverty, or homelessness – it can feel next to impossible.

But recovery is possible.

Mission Services’ caring, professional staff help men and women rebuild their lives, starting with the very simple seed of hope. Supporting each person along a continuum of care, we assist people who want to rebuild their lives with their housing needs, employment goals, and social or family relationships – all with the aim of finding a path to recovery with confidence and dignity.


“This is the safest place I’ve been to. The staff have faith in me and support me all the way. I can do this now.”
– Matthew

“From the deepest recesses of my soul, thank you so much. I’ve been sober for 22 months, and this is as good as life gets.”
– Jamey




Three things that make our addiction programs unique

Community Treatment

Community Treatment

Our programs are geared toward helping people achieve their recovery goals while living and working in the community. Most of our programs are outpatient programs. They have flexible hours in the day and evening for men who need to continue working while furthering their recovery.
Judicial Recovery Programs

Judicial Recovery Programs

We believe the surest path to recovery is by treating people fairly and mercifully. That’s the guiding principle behind our work with men and women with addictions involved with the legal system. We help them transition into the community by realizing their goals through their commitment and dedication to recovery.
Housing Needs

Housing Needs

Basic housing needs can stand in the way of the best attempts at recovery. Across our programs, we can meet a range of housing needs to help men stay housed and living and working in their community.

Paths to Recovery


At Suntrac Wellness Centre, men over the age of 18 find compassion and companionship in group sessions offered either during the day or evening. This flexibility is designed to support their personal recovery goal, while ensuring employment isn’t sacrificed along the way. Mission Services’ professional, compassionate staff help men identify triggers while living in the community and realizing their recovery.

Bearinger Place

At Bearinger Place, we help men with mental health and addictions issues who encounter barriers accessing other services and community supports due to addictions and mental health. Men can stay for up to a year while enrolled in an addiction treatment program and transitioning back into the community – all the time surrounded by professional and compassionate staff who are invested in their recovery goals.

Partners in Recovery

Care and support from loved ones is vital to recovery. Family members and friends can help loved ones every step of the way by learning about the recovery process and how they can support their loved one’s goals in a caring, informed, compassionate way.


Aftercare supports people who are already on a path to recovery. Group sessions focus on relapse prevention and maintaining recovery goals while fostering personal growth.

Alternative Justice Support Services

Mission Services proudly works with partners across the legal, health and social service field to provide case management addiction treatment in support to Hamilton’s court system. Our role is to equip participants with relapse prevention skills so they can fulfill the legal system’s expectations of them as well as meet their personal recovery goals.

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