The Gift Room is a warehouse room filled with colourful toys stacked on shelves. The room is decorated with Christmas decorations.

Every year, hundreds of volunteers, and many volunteer groups help us run our Christmas programs. Below is the story of a family – the Stevens – who volunteer in the Gift Room.

“It made us feel a little like Santa!” This is what the Stevens shared when asked about volunteering in the gift room. As a family, the Stevens started volunteering in our Christmas Care program seven years ago. They believe in the “Golden Rule”: Treat people the way you wish to be treated. “We understand and appreciate the need to teach our children the value in participating and giving back to the community in big or small ways,” they added.

Their family values led them to seek out volunteer opportunities in a Christmas program, and joined Mission Services’ Christmas Care program. “Christmas is all about giving and we felt our children needed to experience this, and it has turned out to be one of their favourite holiday traditions,” the Stevens explained.

“Each year we are astounded by how many seek out this program,” the Stevens said, saddened by the extreme level of need in Hamilton, “Whether it is gifts for their children, warm clothing for the family or food, all is fundamentally essential. Mission Services provides compassionate, vital assistance to those who need it most.”

The joy they receive from helping others is evident. We are so thankful to have faithful support from those like the Stevens, and you, who make Christmas, and everyday, at Mission Services special for our community.

“Every year we leave happy to have been of service and grateful to have had the opportunity to volunteer at Mission Services. It is a very grounding experience for all our family members.”

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