A common room for Willow's Place - a community hub for women. The space is filled with furniture for relaxing, playing games, and more. It is painted and decorated so it is welcoming and bright.

Written by an Emma’s/Willow’s Place client to express her gratitude for the staff and program.

I needed a place
Needed a space
Had to clear my head
Went to Willow’s Place
Got me a bed

We have hard times
Good times too
I wouldn’t be me
If it wasn’t for you

Willow’s helps give back
What you’ve always had
You go from sad, lonely
To happy and glad

I may not have a place of my own
I do know that right now Willow’s is my home

I’m so blessed
No need to guess
The staff is extremely amazing
When you need them, they are there
Right away with no time to spare

This may be a shelter
But it’s more than that to me
They have saved my life more than once
Willow’s has always been meant to be

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