A young white woman sits in an armchair in front of a white fire place. She is smiling and holding her a baby on her lap. Her toddler sits next to them, smiling.

Julia, a single mom, was worried about her family. It was Christmas, and she had nothing to give to her kids, or food to put on the table. She called Mission Services, and thanks to you, she experienced Christmas joy.

It was two days before Christmas, and Julia was struggling to find food for her children, let alone to find ways to make Christmas day happy for her kids. It was just her and her children, and she was struggling to get by. She had stretched her resources as far as she could, but realized she needed to ask for help.

With Christmas being only days away, she was worried that it might be too late to sign up for programs to assist her. When she called Mission Services and asked if we could help her with anything at all, she received a resounding yes!

When Julia arrived at our Christmas Care program, she was surprised and happy to find staff and volunteers who were eager to help and who worked to provide her with everything needed for a nice Christmas with her family.

As Julia was picking out gifts for her children, she became overwhelmed; she couldn’t believe what was happening, and was so thankful. Not only was she going to be able to provide her kids with the food they needed to get by, but she would be able to make their Christmas dinner with food that they enjoy and give them special gifts she picked out herself.

Like Julia, there are many families in need in our community. Those who are struggling, and want to make Christmas special for their kids, need the supports, services, and compassionate care that your gifts provide.

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